The Negros Chronicle

Digital News Content Platform

The Challenge

The team were tasked to design and develop a new digital news content delivery platform for The Negros Chronicle – a community newspaper and broadcasting company based in Dumaguete City. They have been delivering news for the community since 1973.  From their old static website which is now hosted at, we need to come up with a new site with the following features:

  • Modern look & feel
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Streamlined news content management system
  • Multi-author system
  • Social media content sharing
  • Online ads management system
  • Optimized, fast, managed hosting

Ongoing maintenance & support is necessary as the website will be publishing multiple news contents every day with search, content and image optimization requirement. The challenge is to streamline the company’s news publication process to make sure they publish for the web first before the local channels.

The Solution

To be able to deliver a digital news content delivery platform that will meet The Negros Chronicle’s requirements, we used the WordPress Content Management Platform that we enhanced for a custom-fit solution. They have subscribed to our Business+ WordPress maintenance plan to make sure the site is running smoothly, secured and optimized always as multiple news contents are pushed to the site every single day with high readership traffic.

We are very proud of what we have done and will continue to do for the company as the results were amazing. Our team felt like fully-integrated with their news publication team in bringing the latest news content to the community.

To make sure nothing will come in our way, we have provided a managed WordPress hosting for the company through our most-trusted web hosting partner for a blazing fast website delivery to every single audience in the Philippines and even abroad.

Creating a better digital news content delivery platform is one thing… improving your chances to be found on an ocean of information & news websites is  a different story!


With the different content writeup and strategies applied on the site, we’ve managed to boost the site’s online presence in 3 months.


Unique Visitors


Ads Impressions



Full digital news content delivery platform that’s available on devices of all sizes with fresh, modern look and feel.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

When our team took over the project, we had to make a critical decision of re-designing the entire online news platform from scratch to make sure we can achieve all the requirements.

Improved overall statistics

The solution we have created for the online news channel of The Negros Chronicle community news publication have dramatically increased audience reach and engagement.

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