WordPress is the most popular, open-source content management system (CMS) or software that helps you create, publish, and maintain a website or blog.
WordPress gives you an easy-to-use admin panel or an all-in-one place to manage all kinds of aspects of your website. It even gives you really cool features like the ability to edit and manage your content using a word processor type interface making it really easy to write content, place pictures and videos on your website.

By using the content management platform, you can easily change and customize how your site looks using themes and add up all kinds of functionalities and features using plugins.  Because it is open-source,  it is completely FREE and you can do whatever you want with the software files without worries of any licensing issues.

WordPress is used by over 26% of websites and supported by a huge community of users and developers. So, if you’ll choose to use the platform for your personal or business website, you’re in a good company. Because of its huge following and community, the platform is relatively easy to maintain and highly scalable. This is the very reason why we chose WordPress as our platform of choice for our custom website design service.

The following is a list of 10 popular sites, from personal blogs, news sites to companies in the Fortune 500 list, that uses the platform:

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

Matt Mullenweg

If all these sounds good, you’re probably wondering where you can get WordPress software files. There are two different places where you can get it:
  1. WordPress.com – it is a platform or service that will host your website for you.
  2. WordPress.org – a community site where you can download WordPress yourself and install on your local or online server.

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