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Cacao Culture is a social enterprise focused on developing and promoting Philippine cacao & chocolate products. We are based in Davao City, the Chocolate Capital of the Philippines.

Our mission is to spread love for Philippine cacao and chocolates, while ensuring fairness and sustainability, so that we may create a positive impact to our customers, and uplift the lives of the people and the communities we work with.

We love to work with brands that have similar values we uphold:


Taste the Difference:

Our drive for innovation balanced with our heritage pushes our team to create remarkable chocolate products that honor Philippine history and culture. We also celebrate quality and handmade craftsmanship of our fellow Philippine chocolate makers.

At Cacao Culture, each product we offer is crafted from fine quality cacao that is carefully processed to deliver unique tastes and flavor profiles, unlike mass-produced chocolates. You have to try and taste the difference for yourself!

  • Biosite Medical Instruments, 512, Davao City, 8021, Philippines

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