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Galacto Bombs sell lactation cookies that are scientifically formulated which restores prolactin levels in the body, which can help increase milk production naturally.

Galacto Bombs Lactation Cookies are made with all-natural ingredients, including Brewer’s yeast, oats, and flaxseeds that have been scientifically proven to increase milk production in nursing moms.

These lactation treats are a delicious and healthy way to support lactation and help alleviate breast pain.

With Galacto Bombs lactation cookies, you can enjoy a tasty snack while supporting your breastfeeding journey.

Simply eat one lactation cookie before, during, or after each feeding session. You can even eat as many lactation treats as you want, knowing that they are made with only the best ingredients for you and your baby.

  • Twin River Subd, 116 Kaolin, Nangka, Marikina, 1809 Metro Manila Philippines

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  • July 18, 2024 9:56 am local time

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